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Snoqualmie Pass Fire & Rescue

Safety on I90 over Snoqualmie Pass

     Every day over 36,000 people travel over Snoqualmie Pass on I-90, this is also the highest traveled highway for freight in the United States. It is paramount for drivers to wear their seatbelts and pay attention to the road while traveling. During the winter months there are frequent shutdowns over I-90 and it is common to see significant snow build up on the roadway. Adhering to the guidelines set by WSDOT is required for travel over the pass. You can find up to date information at:


How do I get a burn permit?
SPFR no longer issues burn permits. For piles larger than four (4) feet by four (4) feet contact the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. Please also review SPFR’s outdoor burn policy above.

How do I find out current burn ban information?
Contact Chief Wiseman during business hours (8-5 Monday through Friday) or check website for recent updates on burn restrictions.

How do I become a volunteer firefighter?
Download an application from the forms section of the website. Contact Chief Wiseman to schedule an interview.

When do The Board of Fire Commissioners meet?
Currently, The Board meets on the third Wednesday of every month at the Districts Headquarters Station 46 from 18:00 to 20:00. The address for Station 46 is 1211 State Route 906, Snoqualmie Pass WA, 98068.

How do I petition for Adjustment of Benefit Charge Assessment?

Download the form from here.  Send the completed document to the the department by February 12, 2024 by 6:00 PM.

Forest Fire


     The following is an authorized policy regulating outdoor burning within the fire district. The permit process does not apply to burning in the area identified as the Forest Protection Zone of the Department of Natural Resources. The Forest Protection Zone consists of all Department of Natural Resources or Washington State Lands. Burning in the Forest Protection Zone is under the control of the Department of Natural Resources. Department of Natural Resource Phone Number: 1-800-527-3305


Natural vegetation is the only material that may be burned. All other materials such as cardboard, lumber, garbage, plastics, paints, rubber products, dead animals and petroleum products are prohibited. This list is not all-inclusive. Only natural vegetation such as branches, leaves, etc. may be burned. Materials must be from the burn site only; materials cannot be transported to the site and then burned. All burning at a commercial occupancy is prohibited.
Burning is prohibited if wind exceeds 15 mph, and during any burn ban declared by the fire district or the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. A pile to be burned in the vicinity of an occupied structure may be required to meet more restrictive wind speed conditions.


Residential burning is authorized in the fire district; provided the pile is limited in size, located at least 25 feet from any structure or propane tanks, an adult is in attendance with appropriate extinguishing equipment, and the smoke and fly ash do not constitute a nuisance. No written burning permit is required for residential burning. Pile size is limited to 4 feet by 4 feet by 3 feet high (4’X4’X3’). Contact Station 46


Cooking fires in manufactured cooking devices and small open pit cooking fires, do not require a written permit. Cooking fires in an open pit larger than 2 feet in diameter will be considered residential outdoor burning. Cooking fires are prohibited if there is a burn ban in effect.

AID 146

  • Built on a 2020 Ford F-450 XLT Chassis

  • 4x4 

  • 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo diesel B20

  • TorqShift 10-Speed automatic transmission


     Snoqualmie Pass Fire & Rescue is seeking volunteer firefighters. SPFR is currently made up of 22 volunteers and 3 career staff. We hold an in house fire academy, and have opportunities to go through Washington State Fire Academy. We also sponsors volunteers to go through EMT training. SPFR trains to IFSAC Fire 1, 2, Hazmat Operations, EMT-B certification, and Wildland Fire Fighter certification. SPFR also offers some specific rescue training courses.


In 2021 SPFR implemented a resident program for volunteer Firefighter/EMT’s. This program is tailored to assist those interested in firefighting and EMS to prepare for a career in the fire service. Resident firefighters are required to be at the station for 16 shifts a month, our current schedule for these firefighters is Sun-Wed 1800-0800 the following day. For more details on volunteering and the resident program please email Fire Chief Jay Wiseman 

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